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Mistress Stormy
Title: Mistress Stormy
Category: Phoenix, AZ / Escorts
Clicks: 2
Listing added: Aug 10, 2010
Dominatrix specializing in male g-spot and strap-ons.
Phone: 480-430-6290
Author 480-430-6290 / Jan 18, 2011
This is Storm Kincaid, owner of the aforementioned phone #. If you really came to see us, why not post details of the location and the session?? Yep, I'm a big lady, but my sub is 5'5", and wears a size 6. 180lbs? Hardly. You're either just a web troll with nothing to do, or a bitter local Domme.

Author Richard / Dec 2, 2010
I hate to break the news to you-the woman at 480-430-6290 is no petite barbie. She's at least 300-350 lbs-a very large woman. Her female sub is no petite barbie either. She's pushing 180 lbs. Feel free to call and ask their weight. It's not like either of them pretend to be petite barbies.

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